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Stopping Sheriff Sales in NJ

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Adjourn the Sale - you are entitled to adjourn the sale two times. Download our form to stop the sale now.


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Stopping Sheriff Sales for New Jersey homeowners in foreclosure situations is one of our major practice areas.

Starting in 2009, New Jersey acquired the not so notable distinction of being number one in foreclosures resulting in many New Jersyans losing their homes through a sheriff sale.

Notice: In New Jersey, when a sheriff sale has been scheduled for a home, official notice is provided in the official newspaper for the County where the property is located and often that official notice is posted on the front door of the property. Further notices for adjourned sheriff sales are not required.

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Adjournments Of Right: New Jersey law provides for adjournments of the sheriff sale by the home owner. The home owner may apply "of right" without reason to the sheriff's office for two 60-day adjournments of the sheriff sale. The lender may also apply to the sheriff's office "of right" for two 60-day adjournments. Once those adjournments have been used, there are no further adjournments without applying to a judge by motion.  

At Todd Murpny Law, we advise home owners to apply for the "of right" adjournments in person at the sheriff office on their own since it is a simple form and payment of $28.  

Adjournments by motion to a judge: Further discretionary adjournments are possible although not often granted without good cause. At Todd Murphy Law, we represent homeowners in filing emergency motions to request additional adjournments beyond the tow 60-day adjournments.

Bankruptcy: If the judge denies the motion for additional adjournments, bankruptcy can be a very effective tool for stopping the sheiff sale and saving a home from foreclosure.  

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