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Getting A Loan Modification in New Jersey

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Getting a loan modification in New Jersey is an exercise in frustration.  

If your loan is in default the best way to bring it current is through a loan modificaton but it can be frustrating working with lenders to submit the application, get all the documents submitted and follow up so the applicaion is complete and can be reviewed by the underwriting team.

Tried but denied? Many people we talk to have tried to submit a loan modification application and not been successful just becasue they got frustrated witht the process. When you call you may speak wit ha different person every time and you have to bring them up to speed on you application each and every time. You also may find you are asked to submit the same document over and over again becasue it was lost or is not too old. This is just the world you have to deal with if you are applying for a loan modificaion. 

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At Todd Murphy Law, we have helped countless people obtain loan modifcations.

We understand the criteria for approval: We are experienced in understanding the criteria used by lenders to approve you for a loan modificaiton and therefore know the best way to prepare your application for success. We will also tell you if we think you won't be approved and recommend how you might either improve your chances or recommend a better option.

Bankrutcy is another option: If loan modification isn't the best option for you, Bankruptcy may be able to help to save your home from foreclosure.  

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