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Cost To File Bankruptcy

We are dedicated to keeping our fees affordable:

Bankruptcy can be a lot of work but we use technology and streamlined processes to help us do our work as efficiently as we can. Not all cases are the same but many are so we start with a low base price and only charge extra for certain types of cases that require extra work (see below).  

We have great payment plans that fit your budget: 

For chapter 7 cases, we have affordable payment plans with one, two, four and even eight payments. For chapter 13 cases, we start with an initial retainer and then put the remainder of our fees in the chapter 13 plan so you can pay them over sixty equal payments.

See our list of payment plans below then call for a free consultation.

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Chapter 7 Payment Plans (not including filing fee)

1 payment: $1499*

2 payments: $799*

4 payments: $425*

8 payments: $249*

The filing fee of $335 can be paid in four monthly installments of $84 directly to the court at the time of filing.

*this price is valid when (1) you are an indivusal filing bankruptcy; (2) we file your case at the same time we file other cases; (3) you have no real estate or other assets; (4) no office visit required; and, (5) no paper documents submitted.  

Chapter 13 Payment Plans

$2000 payable before we start work on your case

Filing fee of $335 payble at the time of filing the case

Remaining $2500 paid in 60 monthly payments of $45 per month

Additional Fees (If applicable)

Office Visit $250

Emergency Filing ** $499

Motion Defense $750

** emergency case means we must file the case on a specific date to stop a sheriff sale, wage garnishment, or other collection activity.

Loan Modifications

$2500 if done within the loss mitigation program of the bankruptcy court

$5500 if done without bankruptcy

$40 to open the loss mitigation portal

Foreclosure Defense in NJ State Court

$3500 to open the case, file the answer and enter our appearance

$750 p/mn each month until the case is resolved^

^ does not include filing a bankruptcy case or applying for a loan modification (see other fees above)

Hourly Rates

$500 per hour - Sr. Attorney Hourly Rate

$200 per hour - Jr. Associate

$150 per hour - paralegal

$90 per hour - law clerk

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